Baby and Toddler

The spiritual life of a child begins with Baptism, then is extended to a life of prayer and Christian values. Parents, godparents, family members and friends join a child’s parish community in developing their faith throughout their lives.

What can be done to bring children up in the Catholic faith?

Prayer Instruction

By making prayer part of bedtime, mealtime and daily life, we prepare our children for religious instruction and model the inclusion of God in their lives. Click here to view common prayers for children.

Introduction to Liturgy

By bring children to weekly Mass, we make them comfortable in the environment of the Church and make liturgy and conversation about God something which is familiar and comfortable.

Teaching Christian Values

Focusing parenting on the values modeled by Christ provides a context of faith for children. These values will define their role in our society and their mission as children of God. Click here for additional resources for parents.