Enter Names in the Book of Remembrance

The month of November is a time to remember our loved ones. Once again, St. Mary’s Book of Remembrance will be in the Sanctuary throughout the month. Pages for the names of your loved ones – deceased family members and friends , and also those still living, to be remembered during November – are available at Church entrances. Each week, prayers will be offered for those whose names appear in the book. This year, we ask that you bring your own pen for health reasons. Thank you.

Faith Formation Links Can Be Found Here

Links, IDs and pass codes for Zoom sessions for Faith Formation in grades K-5 can be found here. Middle school and high school students are meeting in person. Links, IDs and pass codes for Family Program sessions can be found here.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please call the Faith Formation Office at (716) 683-8564 or email

Please see our newly-added Protecting God’s Children (VIRTUS) page for material to be reviewed with your child(ren) this month. Thank you!