Help Preserve our Stained Glass Windows

St. Mary’s priceless Tyrolean stained glass windows – installed in 1937 in our Church – are in the process of much-needed renovation and repair. Thank you to all those who continue to make contributions towards the maintenance and upkeep of our windows.

Thank you also to contributors to Upon This Rock – as part of the funds raised through this diocesan initiative are earmarked for this purpose.

The next phase of stained glass window renovation will begin this Fall. Additional donations are needed to help offset the cost of this project. Contributions at any level are greatly appreciated. For instance, you can have all or a part of a newly-renovated window named for your family or other significant persons in your life, or have a window dedicated in their memory.

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Pastor Fr. Paul Steller at (716) 683-6445, ext. 17, or