Lenten Discussions with Fr. Paul

Reflections and Discussion on our Lenten Tradition: The Role of the Gospel of St. John

with Pastor Fr. Paul Steller

Thursdays from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Room 140 (Gathering Room) at St. Mary’s Elementary School

All are welcome to attend any or all sessions.

March 5: The 100 Days – An overview of the Lent and Easter season from its beginnings through Easter celebrations today.

March 12: The Story of the Fourth Gospel – John’s contribution to Christian thinking and beliefs.

March 19: The Overall Message of John – his hopes for his fellow believers, cautions for today’s believers, and some unique persons in John.

March 26: Considerations of John in Lenten Liturgy – the woman at the well, the blind man’s cure, and the raising of Lazarus.

April 2: The Passion and Resurrection – the meaning and impact of John’s accounts.