Parish Mission Trip to Nicaragua

On Tuesday, February 13, seven representatives from St. Mary’s Parish will be leaving on a 10-day mission trip to Nicaragua.

The team is collecting monetary donations from St. Mary’s parishioners.

  • Your gift of $100 will purchase a cow for a family, which will provide milk, cream and cheese for seven years. Getting a cow would be like winning a lottery for us! Two calves are returned to the mission, and the rest often are raised to use as wedding gifts for children in the family

  • Your $50 donation will buy a pig, which also is a great help for a family, as one pig could produce up to 60 piglets.

  • Donations are also needed to help educate children. To sponsor a child, the cost is $30 a year for a small child, $50 a year for a middle-school child, and $100 a year for a high school student. College education costs $65 per month per student.

If you would like to make a donation to the Nicaraguan Mission, please send a check to St. Mary’s Parish by Friday, February 9. Thank you for your generosity!