Prayer for Blessing Easter Foods

We cannot hold our traditional Easter Basket Blessing on Holy Saturday this year, but you can use this  Prayer for Blessing Traditional Easter Foods: Bread, Salt and Eggs, at home with your family:

                Lord, Supreme Spirit of All Creation,

                                As we rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ,

                                We place before You these gifts of Easter food.

                From our own ancient traditions,

                                We have prepared these three ageless signs of life

                                Bread, salt and eggs, and we ask that You now bless them.

                Fill these simple gifts with secret energy,

                                With healing ans mystical power:

                                Bread to nourish life, salt to preserve the hope of Easter morning

                                And the egg, the eternal sign of the divine life hidden in each of us.

                May these three blessed gifts of food

                                Grace all who shall eat them.

                May the family table where they are shared

                                Be illuminated with the light of our Easter feast day celebration.

                May our table be richly blessed with the holiness, joy and peace of Your Easter altar table.

                May the ageless blessing of Your divine name,

                                Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

                                Be upon these Easter gifts of new life.