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Broken Edges

Feb 25, 2022

Author: Kaitlin Scirri

As a recent convert to Catholicism, I often feel like a kid on Christmas morning with an endless pile of gifts waiting to be opened. Learning about a new Saint, a new devotion, or a new prayer feels like opening another present. Even though I wasn’t raised Catholic, I had often found myself drawn to “Catholic things.” Growing up, I admired the Blessed Mother in particular. Of course, we didn’t call her that. Her name was simply Mary.

I always found Mary beautiful. I loved looking at statues of her, which were few and far between growing up in a non-Catholic community and household. But when I did come across her, I just couldn’t look away. Since converting to Catholicism in 2020, I’ve added many Marian devotions to my life, including many precious rosaries and statues. I began to notice her more and more, including in gardens and in front of homes.

Last summer, someone gave me a statue of the Blessed Mother after I mentioned I’d like to have one for my garden. She was chipped and her hands were broken. Her paint was faded. She had clearly seen better days and survived some storms. But none of that mattered to me. On the outside, she was in rough shape. But to me, she was beautiful, and I loved her.

So I gratefully accepted her and brought her home. I washed her, sanded down the chips and rough edges, and gave her a fresh coat of paint. In my eyes, she was good as new. Now just looking at her brings me so much joy! She’s not perfect, but she’s mine. And I love her.

When I look at my statue today, she reminds me of my spiritual journey home. When God called me home to the Catholic Church, I too had been chipped and broken. I had survived several of life’s storms and my spirit was faded. On the inside, I was in rough shape. But God loved me anyway. To Him, I was beautiful. So He brought me home, washed me in the waters of baptism, and smoothed down my broken edges. I’m not perfect, but I’m His. And He loves me.

Have you been chipped and broken by life? Bring the pieces to God and let Him put you back together. Spend time in God’s Word, allowing Him to gently remind you how much you are loved. Attend Mass and receive Jesus in the Eucharist. Celebrate the healing Sacrament of Reconciliation and lay down any sins you’ve been carrying around.

God invites you to come to Him just as you are. You won’t be perfect, but you’ll be His. And He’ll love you.